Chains of Daisy are made up of three close friends from the cultural melting pot that is London.


Aris is the musical director and lead/rhythm guitarist for Chains Of Daisy and has helmed the groups debut EP through all stages of production from recording to mastering.

Originally hailing from Greece, he is an extremely talented, multi-instrumentalist. Having studied sound engineering and musical production at Degree level, Aris is influenced by the likes of Bruce Fairbairn, Bob Clearmountain, Mike Clink, Bob Rock, Mutt Lunge and Glyn Johns.

When he’s not in the studio, Aris is an avid photographer and tennis player, having previously played at professional level.

 is a Portuguese guitarist residing in London. He currently plays lead guitar for Chains of Daisy.

Playing both guitar and bass his musical heroes are wide and varied; ranging from Larry Carlton, Hiram Bullock and Allan Holdsworth to the outlandish 80’s stylings of Eddie Van Halen and Warren DeMartini.
Michael is the lead vocalist of Chains of Daisy and was born and bred in London. He joined Chains of Daisy following the break-up of his previous rock band. When he’s not slaying the mic, Mike can be found honing his skills in the mosh pits of London’s Hard Rock scene.
Aris uses, Art & Lutherie acoustics, ESP electric guitars, BOSS pedals and PEAVEY amplification.
Carlos uses Charvel electric guitars, Taylor acoustics, Fender Basses, Boss pedals and Jet city amplification.